I had a gold pendent that had diamond stones inset in it, but  I never seemed to wear it. I took it into Gold N Time Jewelers and talked to Rob about what to do with it. I asked him if it would be possible to put these stones in my wedding band. He agreed that it would be a good way to reset them. I left my gold band with him and he said he it would take a while to re-design the stones  as he works with the stones and the ring and moves them around just to find the “right place” for each stone. I got the call on a Wednesday to let me know the ring was finished and ready for me to pick up.
When the ring was presented to me I couldn’t believe my eyes…WOW! I was almost speechless to say the least….It’s absolutely beautiful! He did a fabulous job on the setting and I can’t wait for everyone to see it. My husband was extremely happy as well. Thank you Rob, for taking the time to re-design this special piece of jewelry for me. I will treasure it forever….Nancy C.


This is our family jeweler and the one we trust with all of our jewelry items no matter how small or expensive.

While my customer service experience has been mixed depending on who is working, the work speaks for itself. My mother had her inherited diamond ring re-set and the diamond re-cut and it turned out perfect and with an increased value. I have had my diamond earrings re-set and had new gold posts put on them (which I was initially afraid to do because they were also inherited), but they turned out great.

They have done most of our appraisals, sizing, and other simple repairs. The store is small, but they have catalogs full of tons of options and I always appreciate the honest opinion. I trust the outside consultants the-y use for work they don’t do in house. Domenica G.


Gold n Time jewelers has an amazing selection of jewelry, with unique pieces that I have not seen at other jewelry stores.  My husband and I have been wanting to upgrade my center diamond for quite some time!  Let’s just say that the owner, Rob, presented us with a diamond that was breathtaking, and to top it off, we could not have been happier with the deal he gave us!  I look forward to going back in for my daughter’s graduation! Sarah W.


My husband bought my engagement ring here and later we went back to buy both of our wedding rings. The people working there are always very friendly and helpful. They have a lot of knowledge and were able to answer any questions we had an even make suggestions. They helped make sure that my husband and I both got the perfect ring. This is the only place in the area that I will go for jewelry. Chelsea A.

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